Solution: JBL Pulse 2 bluetooth disconnecting or pairing problems resolved by a firmware upgrade – update


I have noticed that some of the JBL Pulse 2 speakers, which come to us for a micro-USB charging port replacement, exhibit unusual bluetooth stability issues. After turning on bluetooth by pressing the bluetooth button jbl pulse 2 bluetooth button in order to pair and connect the JBL Pulse 2 to a phone or some other bluetooth enabled device, the LED light on the Lightshow button jbl pulse 2 lightshow button starts flashing / blinking erratically and speaker starts to automatically flip between different light-show LED options. JBL Pulse 2 is visible under available devices in the devices’ bluetooth settings but has trouble connecting, the bluetooth connection is unstable or the pairing process fails from the beginning. JBL Pulse 2 also doesn’t output any sound when connected directly via the AUX cable. The above mentioned fault can be observed in the video below.

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