Computer doesn’t boot after vacuum cleaning (black screen, no post)

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Customer brought in a desktop PC with a no post problem. After turning it on, there was a blank screen and a “no signal” text on the monitor, the fans were spinning and the “power on” light on the front of the case was lit. In a quick conversation the customer mentioned the problem started after cleaning the computer with a vacuum cleaner, while he was trying to get rid of the dust inside. This information shortened the diagnostic process considerably as it eliminated causes such as: bad BIOS flash or Power supply / Northbridge / Southbridge / CPU / RAM / Graphic card fail. In cases like this the problem usually lies in a dislodged connector or RAM sticks / Graphic card which is not properly seated in the slot. Damaged components as a result of the static electricity induced by the vacuum cleaner or an improperly grounded operator are also a possibility but an unlikely one.

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