New USB Charging Cable for Logitech Ultimate Ears UE BOOM MEGABOOM WONDERBOOM ROLL Yellow 1,2m

  • – Logitech UE micro USB charging connector or charging cable itself is visually damaged – frayed, exposed wires or pins bent.
  • – Speaker doesn’t respond – the charging LED light doesn’t start flashing when the charging connector is inserted into the micro USB charging socket.
  • – Charging takes an unusually long time or never finishes completely.
  • – Charging cable or the connector itself gets uncomfortably hot during charging.

If at least one of the above statements is true, you will likely need to replace the current charging cable.

New Logitech UE Yellow Charging Cable
New Logitech UE Yellow Charging Cable

  • We have Logitech Ultimate Ears Charging Cables available for purchase via eBay.
  • These are high-quality cables that provide fast charging ( up to 2.5A of DC current ) when used with capable charging wall adapters.
  • Each Logitech UE Charging Cable gets tested before being dispatched to the customer.
  • We offer a 180-day Warranty for each Logitech UE Charging Cable.
  • Logitech UE Charging Cables are suitable for: Logitech UE BOOM, UE MEGABOOM, UE WONDERBOOM and UE ROLL speakers.

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